Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Cubs lose again.

I'm not really a Cubs fan, but would like to see them in the World Series (preferably with the Boston Red Sox). About an hour ago, the Cubs lost to the Florida Marlins, who have now won two of the three games in a row that they need to in order to play in the World Series.

You know, I have a black cat like the one said to have cursed the Cubs in 1969, but he's remarkably stubborn and HATES unfamiliar situations; he would probably leave the Marlins' dugout where I'd release him and find a place to hide in the Cubs' dugout just to spite me. He is shedding, and I could brush him (he likes that), collect the fur from the brush, then go to the hotel where the Marlins' coach is staying, and scatter the fur.

I know that for every prayer directed by a Cubs fan, an equal and opposite prayer will be directed from a Marlins fan. There may be something unseemly about wanting God to favor the Cubs. But apparently I can pray for the Cubs to use their God-given talent to win Game 7. And perhaps God might be asked to take on the opportunity to smash the Cubs superstitions as He confounded the prophets of Baal...


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