Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Reader's Digest/AAA Save a Gallon Campaign

The Reader's Digest and the AAA have started a campaign to convince Americans to save a gallon of gas on the week of April 19-25.

History buffs will remember that April 19 is Patriot's Day, the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775 that changed the American Evolution into the American Revolution. And, April 22 is Earth Day.

This is a great opportunity to be red, white and blue as well as being green.

Alma mater becomes laughingstock

It's good to see that some things have not changed at my alma mater.

The Merrillville, Indiana school system has a tendency, every few years, to make itself look ridiculous in the news.

In the early 1980s, half a dozen teachers got drunk and went skinny-dipping in the pool.

In the late 1980s, a teacher at one of the elementary schools decided to let his/her students amuse themselves with a video game...about slavery. The hero was a runaway slave speaking pseudo-Ebonics and getting chased by slavecatchers spewing racial slurs. The school immediately withdrew the game, and the anti-PC press at National Review and The New Republic immediately denounced it as a craven act of political correctness. (Never mind that the video game company recalled it nationwide or that the angry parents relented after meeting with the designers.)

In 1990 (I think), the student newspaper printed a story about contracts for the school repairs. In 1992, they printed an exposé on asbestos in the school. Both journalism teachers were fired.

A few years later, they had some racial incidents -- as the situation calmed, a white teacher who shall go nameless made a saccharine statement about how she learned to accept black people, even if so many of them that she saw on the streets of Gary as she went to the welfare office were dirty. (To be fair, she was a workaholic airhead, not a racist.)

Now, the color pink. Newport Beach, California and Durham, North Carolina banned the color pink because it is used as a gang color, and Merrillville decided to follow suit. Unfortunately, this year pink is a very fashionable color, like brown in the 1970s or black in the 1980s. It would be cruel to mention that the one of the school colors (purple) is a more prevalent gangsta color...

Lyrics to Think Pink!, from the 1957 musical Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire and Kay Thompson.


Sunday, March 28, 2004

Thank you, St. Anthony

After over 30 hours of searching for my keys, I prayed to St.
Anthony. Then I retraced the steps I took after bringing the cats in
from their constitutional Friday afternoon, and there they were on a
green tray on a shelf above where their leashes are kept. I had
retraced the same steps before, but did not find the keys.
Something caused my eyes to glance up at that shelf tonight that did
not attract my attention last time. So, thank you, St. Anthony.

I thought it might be interesting to post a bit about St. Anthony. For starters, it appears that there are at least three St. Anthonys: St. Anthony the Hermit (Egypt, 4th century), St. Anthony the Hermit (Europe, late 5th century) and St. Anthony of Padua (1195-1231).

According to St. Athanasius, St. Anthony the Hermit (Egypt) did not want to be the recipient of prayers for intercession. There was some controversy over the time he lived; St. Athansius credits him with the (inadvertent) founding of monasticism.

St. Anthony the Hermit (Europe) became a monk and tried to become a hermit on the shores of Lake Como. He attracted disciples, which is not exactly conducive to the contemplative life, so he fled to Lerins, Gaul, where he died two years later.

St. Anthony of Padua is the one that Catholics pray to for the recovery of lost articles. He has an active portfolio. According to the Patron Saints Index, it consists of: "Patronage against shipwrecks, against starvation, against starving, American Indians, amputees, animals, asses, barrenness, boatmen, Brazil, domestic animals, elderly people, expectant mothers, faith in the Blessed Sacrament, Ferrazzano, Italy, fishermen, harvests, horses, Lisbon, lost articles, lower animals, mail, mariners, ppressed people, Padua, Italy, paupers, poor people, Portugal, pregnant women, sailors, seekers of lost articles, shipwrecks, starvation, starving people, sterility, swineherds, Tigua Indians, travel hostesses, travellers [and] watermen"

St. Anthony the Hermit: Life of Antony, by Athansius, from the Medieval Sourcebook.

St. Anthony the Hermit (Europe, 5th century)

St. Anthony of Padua


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

FDA report on antidepressants and increased suicide risk

"Health care providers should carefully monitor patients receiving antidepressants for possible worsening of depression or suicidality, especially at the beginning of therapy or when the dose either increases or decreases. Although FDA has not concluded that these drugs cause worsening depression or suicidality, health care providers should be aware that worsening of symptoms could be due to the underlying disease or might be a result of drug therapy."

Well, duh. This goes particularly for Zoloft, whose list of side-effects includes touching off mania in bipolar patients. (At least that's what the sheet the pharmacist gave me said.)

If people are being given antidepressants because they saw the smiling Zoloft oval and want to be Just Like Bouncy (or whatever its name is), then the prescribing doctor may not be doing his job and Pfizer's adwriters are doing theirs too well.

The Cult of Clara

Clara Barton may be the only Unitarian ever to have formed a cult -- the American Red Cross. I worked for them seven months as a volunteer and another seven months as a full-time worker, until a budget crunch at my chapter ended my full-time job. I volunteered to teach a few more classes after that, but decided that a clean break would be better and that there were other things that needed doing. (Like finding a job...)

I know that I'm supposed to be angry at them. When the nice lady calls to ask me for a blood donation (I'm a Type O Hero(tm)), I want to shout and yell "You got my body, my soul and my mind, and now you want my blood?! " But I can't. Worse, every time that I hear about the Red Cross, this unexplainable feeling of belonging washes over me. (I'm still a qualified CPR/First Aid instructor)

Today, I learned from Michael Palin that Ernest Hemingway was a Red Cross ambulance driver in northern Italy. Palin then underwent some Red Cross training for the cameras. Finally he drove the Red Cross ambulance and stopped at some sort of bar with a bunch of other Red Cross drivers. Maybe it was just for show, but seeing him in the Red Cross jacket...then there was that student who worked at a Mexican Red Cross hospital.

Maybe getting involved with the Red Cross is just a bit like joining the Marines. Try though you might, you can't quite purge it from your system.


Monday, March 22, 2004

Bush and Al-Qaeda

Richard Clarke, a Reagan appointee who served under four Administrations, gave an interview to Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes in which he says that Bush II's Administration repeatedly ignored his attempts to get them to focus on Al Qaeda, preferring instead to focus on Iraq. And, by attacking Iraq, he played right into the hands of Al Qaeda.

60 Minutes interview with Richard Clarke

I was about to add this to my "None Dare Call It Treason" series, but this appears to have been merely a case of judgment blinded by ideology and ignorant of facts. Stupidity is not exactly a crime, but it is an excellent reason for regime change here in America.

Antiwar Rally? Anti-Occupation Rally? And If So, Which Occupation(s)? Pro-Choice Rally? Pro-Kerry Rally?

5,000 - 10,000 people rallied in Chicago Saturday because they don't like the Bush Administration. It billed itself as an anti-war rally, but a demonstrator friend told me that two rallies actually took place because the organizers split over the occupation of the West Bank. Some anarchist kiddies dressed in black made their appearance, trying to steal signs from anti- anti-war demonstrators against the wishes of most of the other protesters. Talk about "taking the streets back" probably scared off a couple thousand as well.

Although the organizers may not have been too good at organizing rallies, it should be mentioned that there were only two arrests and no property damage.


Sunday, March 21, 2004

Who elected them anyway?

No, not the Republicans. That was the Electoral College at work.

I'm talking about the Democratic National Committee. The Democrats at Daily Kos are upset about the clunky and confusing Flash ad that the DNC has posted and the pundits have been mocking.

From the DNC faq: "The DNC's governing body, however, is made up of approximately 400 elected and appointed members of the Democratic National Committee. The Governing body elects the officers of the National Committee: the Chairmen, five Vice Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary, and National Finance Chair. "

A Google Odyssey

Incidentally, their Spanish-language site announced (when seen at 3:39 am CST, 3/21/2004) that "Nueva Encuesta Confirma que Demócratas Mantienen Delantera Entre Hispanos". At first, I was a bit shocked, since "delantera" can mean women's breasts and Googles most readily to sites offering such pictures. Maintaining breasts makes very little sense, particularly now that Bill Clinton is out of office.

So, I tried to Google "mantienen delantera" and got two responses, an indicator that something is grammatically wrong or quite novel. However, "mantener la delantera" is sometimes used to say "to continue in the lead".

Google search: "mantener la delantera" hits 77 sites, "seguir llevando la delantera" hits (Jackpot!) exactly one, "conservar la delantera" hits only 17 but "llevar la delantera" hits 598 -- but that is used to describe the taking of a lead as well as continuing in it.

Okay, they did decently on that (I think) but they're not that great about putting accents where they belong. A hint, folks: the HTML entity codes are readily available here and both Netscape and Dreamweaver let you insert special characters as well, converting them to the proper entity codes.

Good night.


Friday, March 19, 2004

Saudi rulers prefer appointment with headsman

Okay, okay. They didn't come out and say it, but they're doing their best to avoid a peaceful change of regime in Saudi Arabia. The BBC reports that Abderrahman al-Lahem was arrested today after expressing surprise on Al-Jazeera that several Saudi intellectuals were arrested for daring to sign a petition for a constitutional monarchy. Abderrahman al-Lahem is a lawyer in Saudi Arabia, some of the arrested intellectuals were Islamists while others were liberals.

Saudi Arabia has a choice of several futures ahead of it. One is that of a constitutional monarchy. The others are a prison state like North Korea complete with famine and gulags and an Islamic Republic run by the folks who brought us Al-Qaeda. Ideally the United States would use what leverage it could to encourage the development of the constitutional monarchy. Sadly, the rest of the world would probably accept the Kingdom's devolution into a Great Saudi Gulag. Of course, Al-Qaeda wannabes would contest the Kingdom as the oppression increased and their defeat would be far from assured, especially since they have plenty of sympathizers in the armed forces.


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

My theory

My theory is that a small number of PP voters decided to vote PSOE because of the attacks. Some of them voted PSOE because they felt that Al-Qaeda would not attack them if they pulled out of Iraq. The problem with that is that France, which offered the strongest opposition to the war in Iraq in the UN, was threatened with blood and death yesterday for its rule on headscarves. Turkey passed up the chance to station troops in Iraqi Kurdistan and forbade the transfer of US troops across its territory, and suffered two attacks in Istanbul.

Others voted against PP (perhaps for PSOE, perhaps for a smaller party) because Aznar failed to protect them against an Al-Qaeda attack. The Aznar government was also way too hasty in attributing the attack to ETA; the care and consideration that Rush Limbaugh uses to insure accuracy on his radio program is not a high one and Acebes did not even rise to it.

As the tape found by Al-Qaeda told the Spanish: "You want to live, we want to die." I think that can be arranged.

Three theories...

elmundo.es reports: US Administration right?

US Deputy Subsecretary of State attributes the defeat of the PP to "its poor handling" of the attacks

Becomes the first highly-placed official in the Bush Government to blame the PP itself for its electroal disaster


WASHINGTON -- The Popular Party of José María Aznar, "unconditional ally of the George W. Bush Administration", lost the legislative elections on Sunday because of its "poor handling" of the attacks last Thursday, according to the American Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.

"I believe that what happened in Spain was the peoples' reaction against what they felt was the poor handling of the terrorist attacks on the part of the current government", said Armitage in several radio interviews in the United States.

"The Socialists probably won for this reason", he added, thus becoming the first high official in the Bush Administration to attribute the defeat to the PP, its own ally.

Armitage also denied that the triumph of Socialist José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero was a victory for the Al-Qaeda terrorist network, accused of having perpetrated the attacks which left 201 dead.

What I saw after the horrible attacks in Madrid were millions of Spaniards protesting against terrorism. For this reason I think that we have a very solid barrier against the terrorists", he explained.

The tone of American authorities disagrees with that of some of the press, which loudly attacked the Spaniards for having taken the PP out of power. Spain supoprted the war in Iraq and has 1,300 soldiers stationed in the Arab country.

Translated by Warren Eckels, aka Yamaneko

Original article

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

CNN reports: neoconservatives right?

According to CNN, a message on an internet message board frequented by Al-Qaeda states that Al-Qaeda planned bombings in Spain to convince the Spanish government to pull its troops out of Iraq. And should the bombs not force a pullout, then the attacks would throw the PP out of office and usher in the PSOE.

CNN reports: liberals right?

Another CNN story states that Al-Qaeda has splintered into cells and has taken on the character of a movement. As such, the War on Terror might be expected to last for generations.

There are two ways to victory in such a war. One way is "Bomb 'em all and let Allah sort it out." That would be inhuman. The other way is to cut off the funding for bombs and reduce the number of discontented people in Arab nations who are fodder for radical preachers, combined with international police work and surgical strikes. It would be interesting to see where legislators stand on grey-market money transfers, oil dependence and other such things.

Sedna, another Tenth Planet?

The BBC reports that the Hubble telescope has detected an object roughly Pluto's size orbiting the Sun at a distance of about 17 billion kilometers (over 10 billion miles) at the moment. This could make it the fifth tenth planet, after Quaoar, Ixion, Varuna and DW 2004. (Sort of like how the Green and Libertarian Parties are both third parties in the US)

The article says that it's a Kuiper Belt object, but nineplanets.org relates a definition of the Kuiper Belt as extending from 30-50 AU (4.5 to 7.5 billion kilometers) and the Oort cloud as being farther off. Dr. Mike Brown, who leads the Caltech team that discovered it, does not believe that Sedna is a planet. Of course, others say that Pluto is a Kuiper Belt object and only is counted among the planets for tradition's sake.

According to the BBC, Sedna has an extremely eccentric orbit, carrying it perhaps ten times as far away as it is now, or 180 million km. It may even have a moon of its own. It's also rather interesting shade of red. (Apologies to whoever wrote this.)

Anyway, Sedna is the Inuit Goddess of the Sea.


Monday, March 15, 2004

PSOE wins plurality in Spanish elections

It looks like they will be able to form a governing coalition more readily than the PP, which came in second. The PSOE is the center-left party in Spain while the PP is the center-right party. The PP was expected to win today, but its (probably) false accusations that ETA set of the bomb did not help, neither did some Socialists blaming the alliance with the US for the bombing, since it attracted the wrath of Al-Qaeda.

The Lord is kind and merciful

Nothing like dashing into Our Lady of Grace (Our Lady of Last Resort for local Catholics, thanks to its 5:30 pm Sunday Mass) worrying that I wouldn't make it in time for the Gospels, then entering the Church and hearing the cantor warble "The Lord is kind and merciful."

Sunday, March 14, 2004

From elmundo.es, website of El Mundo

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for the attacks in a video found in Madrid

MADRID -- On a video found by police near the Mosque of Madrid, a presumed "military" spokesman of Al-Qaeda in Europe has taken credit, in the name of the terrorist group, for the attacks that took place yesterday. Interior Minister Ángel Acebes has revealed that the tape appeared to be a "claim of responsibility made by a man, in Arabic, and with a Moroccan accent." Hours earlier, the ministry confirmed the arrest of three Moroccans and two Indians for their alleged links with the crimes.

The man who appears on the video, dressed in traditional Arab clothing, says: "We declare our responsibility for what happened in Madrid". Further, he adds that "the attacks took place as a response to the crimes of Bush and his allies". "There will be more if God wishes and you do not cease your injustices. You want life and we want death."

As Acebes explained, Telemadrid received the call from a man with an Arabic accent which said that a videotape was left on the street, between the mosque on the M-30 and the nearby morgue, about 300 meters away.

As expected, The Security Forces found the tape shortly afterward; it was then viewed and translated, according to the ministry. Neither the Spanish intelligence services nor foreign consultants have been able to confirm the identity given by the video's speaker. Acebes has said that this information is proof of the Government's policy of "absolute transparency" in the investigation of the attacks.


The three Moroccans detained have been identified as Jamal Zougam, born in Tangiers on October 5, 1973, Mohammed Bekkali, born on June 5, 1972 in Tétouan and Mohammed Chaoui, born on June 26, 1969 in Tangiers, according to the information given by Nabil Benabdallah, Communication Minister and spokesperson for the Moroccan government, to MAP, the official Moroccan news agency.

The minister has affirmed that there are also "two Spaniards of Indian origin" from whom statements are being taken. Those arrested have been linked to the prepaid calling card found in the backpack bomb which the police deactivated next to the Vallecas police station.

The operation is still in progress and, according to the minister, it has only begun. The detainees have been arrested in several Madrid neighborhoods and are now in police custody in order to begin their interrogation.

Acebes has explained that it is still too early to establish links between the Madrid attacks and last year's attacks in Casablanca, although it has been recognized that some of the detainees might be related to Moroccan extremist groups.

"The police will continue to follow all leads, although the arrests open an important path of investigation", says Acebes in reference to his declarations yesterday that ETA or Islamist radical groups were believed to be behind the attacks. The head of the Interior Ministry has not ruled out the existence of international terrorist cooperation.

City Neighborhoods Searched

Likewise, it has been stated that various homes and other buildings in the capital are being searched and it has been indicated that some of the detainees might be related to Moroccan extremist groups. The investigation has been ordered by the National Court.

A area businessperson who knew the detainees has informed elmundo.es that the suspects ran a technical mobile-phone service in the Lavapies neighborhood. The store had been operating for at least four years and enjoyed an excellent reputation with the local technicians, who would come to the store when they needed help to fix an appliance. According to Helena Fernández, this same businessperson says that a few months ago, another Moroccan began to work in the store.

elmundo.es has confirmed that a group of four or five policemen were seen in the store, called "New Century" and located at No. 17, Calle Tribulete.

The minister has confirmed the existence of a witness who saw three people either hooded or "with their faces hidden by scarves" which, according to his statement, supposedly left the van found in Alcalá de Henares.

Most recently, he has added that there is no doubt that those responsible for the "criminal terrorist attack will be detained and will pay for their crimes, serving their complete sentence", because, in his judgement, "they have done a terrible act against our democracy and against our society."

Important Finding

The latest finding of the security forces was a sportsbag which contained an explosive made of Goma 2, brand ECO, of Spanish manufacture, studded with shrapnel to multiply its effects, next to a detonator and a mobile telephone. This detonator was the same as those found Thursday in a van in Alcalá de Henares and was made out of copper, not the alumnium favored by ETA.

Experts in the antiterrorist struggle are also looking for DNA evidence in gloves, a jersey and a T-shirt that were found inside the van in Alcalá de Henares. They are also studying dozens of fingerprints taken from the vehicle.

The mobile telephone found in that backpack in Vallecas, with a prepaid Trium phonecard, was programmed so that its alarm would sound at a given hour and thus activate the explosive device. Further, the device's menu was in Spanish.

Regarding the explosives, the Civil Guard is not recording any theft in recent months. Goma 2 is used for public works and mining and is made in Spain, but also in several European countries, particularly in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. In our country, the producer is Unión Española de Explosivos Riotinto, which has not reported any theft in its factory, nor in its depositories, nor in transport, but there are other businesses that import it from other countries and sell it here. Sources in the antiterrorism struggle have noted that it is very hard for someone to steal a quantity of explosives as great as what was used by the terrorists in Madrid.

Regarding the tape in Arabic with verses of the Qu'ran found in the van located in Alcalá de Henares, in which detonators of the same type as the sportsbag's were found, the ministry affirmed that "there is no new data."

Doubts about Responsibility

Doubts about the authorship of the blasts were already emerging on the Thursday of the attack. At first, Interior Minister Ángel Acebes categorically asserted that "there could be no doubt" that ETA was behind the massacre.

Hours later, the Interior Minister himself appeared at a second press conference to announce the finding in Alcalá de Henares of a van which had been robbed in Madrid on February 28 and in which the eight detonators and a tape with Qu'ranic verses was found. The Al-Qaeda theory became more plausible.

Later, in a supposed tape of Al-Qaeda sent to an Arabic newspaper edited in London, the Abu Hafs Al Masri Brigades claimed responsibility for the attacks. The organization attributed the massacre to a "settling of old accounts" with Spain.

(Translated by Warren Eckels, aka Yamaneko)

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Madrid Update: 192 dead, 1,421 injured, perhaps not ETA's fault?

Link to El País

...In his first appearance, Acebes did not hesitate to attribute responsibility for the massacre to the ETA. This afternoon, he allowed for the possibility that another terrorist group was behind the attacks after a van with a tape of Quranic verses was discovered in Alcalá de Henares...


Terrorist Attack in Spain, 173 dead, 898 injured

From Massacre in Madrid -- El Mundo


A bomb went off in Madrid's Atocha Station at 7:39 this morning. Within minutes, nine more exploded in four commuter trains from Alcalá de Henares and Guadalajara that had arrived in Atocha, El Pozo and Santa Eugenia stations, sowing chaos and panic in the capital. Three other explosive devices were later exploded [offsite] by TEDAX [the bomb squad of the National Police]. This attack, ETA's bloodiest ever, has killed over 173 people and injured more than 898, according to goverment data. Here is a minute by minute account of the attack [Spanish]

"After trying four times and continual efforts toward this end, ETA has obtained its objective". The Minister of the Interior thus attributed the attacks to this band of terrorists. Acebes wanted to quell rumors of Al-Qaeda responsibility, "a process of brainwashing by Otegi to distract attention".

Acebes listed the most recent occasions in which security forces had prevented similar attacks -- the "Convoy of Death" in 2000, the attempt to pull of a similar attack at Charmartín last December 24, the detention in France of ETA members with large quantities of explosives and that of last week in Cuenca -- and he has said that it is "clear and evident that ETA sought to create horror".

Several victims of the Atocha attacks state that the worst moments after the explosion were the 10 or 15 minutes that it took rescuers to arrive at the scene of the explosion, hidden between piles of earth and a concrete wall.

The chief of the Interior Ministry has said that the magnitude of the attack is "compatible" with a terrorist gang that would be "in its worst moments and weakened", but "needed prominence".

The government, further, reaffirms its strategy to combat ETA, and has cited the three pillars of this strategy: "political struggle, international collaboration and societal strength".

Of the 173 deaths, 67 were recorded at El Pozo -- 26 women and 41 men --, 59 in one of the Atocha trains, 30 in a second train at this station, and 17 at Santa Eugenia.

The bodies will be transported to Pavillion 6 of Ifema, at the Juan Carlos I Convention Center and Fairgrounds [1], where they will be brought in through the outer door of the east wing. Family members can enter the building by the north door.

Many people have already come to this site to search for loved ones who they have not found. The same is taking place at hospitals, where many people ask about those who might be dead or injured.

Acebes added that the terrorists place 13 explosive devices in four commuter trains. Three of the bombs exploded in a train parked at the Atocha Station, another four in a train approaching Atocha, one at Santa Eugenia and two at El Pozo de Tío Raimundo. The three remaining devices have been found and exploded in a controlled manner. The attacks were simultaneous starting at 7:39 am.

Each device contained between 13 and 15 kilos of Titadine dynamite, the explosion which, according to Acebes, ETA uses.

The Four Trains

One of the trains attacked is the 17305, which left Guadalajara at 6:45 am for Chamartín Station in Madrid, and which was hit by the explosion when it entered Atocha Station.

Another is train 21431, which left Alcalá de Henares at 7:00 am en route to Alcobendas, in the north of Madrid, and which was travelling down Track 2, at Atocha, when the bombs went off inside it.

The third train is the 21435, which left Alcalá de Henares at 7:10, destination Alcobendas, in which the explosion took place at El Pozo's station, in a neighborhood on Madrid's south side.

The fourth train is the 21713, which left Alcalá de Henares at 7:15 for Príncipe Pío Station in Madrid; its explosion took place at Santa Eugenia Station, also on Madrid's south side,


The explosions were not preceeded by any bomb alerts, according to Interior.

Nine investigative teams were dispatched to the three places attacked: four from the National Courts, directed by Judges Ismael Moreno (senior judge), Juan del Olmo (on call), Baltasar Garzón and Guillermo Ruiz Polanco; and five from the Plaza de Castilla's courts. All of the teams are made up of a judge, a prosecutor, a judicial secretary and a forensic scientist, according to court sources.

The Interior Minister has explained the process of victim identification which has begun and, given the difficulty of rescue and body removal, has asked the victims' family for patience and understanding.

Acebes has specified that the administrations [departments] are coordinating their efforts and that the information, once organized and gathered together, will be available by dialing 112.

Translator's note

[1] Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I. "Fairgrounds" might be a more literal translation, but in the American Midwest, fairgrounds often consist of a patch of ground, with perhaps some stables and old buildings used once a year.


Thursday, March 04, 2004

None Dare Call It Treason, Part II

Bush had Zarqawi in 2002, let him go

Summarized: In June 2002, Abu Musab Zarqawi, a Jordanian terrorist linked to Al-Qaida, was setting up ricin labs in the Iraq no-fly zone. The CIA had the information, the Kurds were trying to get rid of him, and the National Security Council decided not to attack. The CIA gave evidence that Zarqawi was planning attacks in Europe in October 2002, the Pentagon drew up attack plans, and Zarqawi got away again. In January 2003, British police arrested suspects with ricin that was traced to Iraq. Again the Pentagon planned an attack and the National Security Council nixed it.


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